Worldwide Mix Polished Gemstones - 1/2 Lb -Over 75 Gems in each Lot

World Wide Mix
World Wide Mix
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 1/2 Lb of TUMBLED and POLISHED GEMSTONES from around the world.  Your mix may contain some or all of the Gems listed below.  Our polished stones for sale are about 3/8 inch to 3/4 inch in size, about 75 gems per 1/2 Lb.  Great for jewelry projects, arts and crafts, etc.....Also Included are two free gifts listed below....

Abalone Brilliant Iridescent Colors

Laborite Gray with light blue-gold flashes

Agate, Apricot Orange to cream with banding

Lapis Lazuli Bright blue w/ white gray areas

Agate, Blue Lace Light blue with face banding

Leopardskin Black-ringed yellow to reddish spots on cream to reddish background

Agate, Green Moss Moss pattern in white agate

Lepidolite Sparkling lavender mica

Amazonite Bright blue-green with white streaks

Malachite Light to dark banded green

Amethyst Medium to dark purple

Moonstone Soft beige-tan earth-tone colors

Aquamarine Blue to green translucent

Obsidian, Black Jet black obsidian

Aventurine, Green Dark green w/flakes of mica

Obsidian, Snowflake Black w/ white snowflakes

Aventurine, Red Sparkling burgundy red

Peridot Translucent lime green

Beryl Medium opaque blue aquamarine

Picasso Stone Black lines criss-crossing brown to gray backgrounds

Bloodstone Green jasper w/ red spots and patches

Prehnite Translucent green w/ brown marking

Carnelian Bright orange & light to dark orange

Pyrite Sparkling bright golden metallic

Celesite Translucent pale blue

Quartz, Green Light to medium translucent green

Chrysoprase Medium green, orange

Quartz, Peach Soft shades of peach

Citrine Orange-yellow w/ some white quartz

Quartz, Snow Snow white, slightly translucent

Dalmation Black spots on light gray quartzsite

Rhodonite Light pink w/ yellow & cream streaks

Emerald Opaque emerald green

Rose Quartz Translucent medium pink

Garnet Purplish-red Amandine

Ruby Red to pink

Hematite Metallic gray color

Sapphire Blue, pink, or yellow

Iolite Light to medium translucent blue

Serpentine Chartreuse shades

Jasper, Brecciated Red w/ White, cream & black patterns

Smoky Quartz Light to medium dark gray

Jasper, Fancy Mixture of red, yellow, green, etc.

Sodalite Dark blue, white lines in some pieces

Jasper, Picture Brown scenic lines in tan Jasper some w/blue-gray “sky”

Sunstone Cream colored feldspar with golden flashes of hematite

Jasper, Red Bright brick red with some creams

Sugilite Dark spot, bright medium purple, sometimes mottled & spotted

Jasper, Yellow Yellow, beige and brown mixtures

Tigereye, Blue, Gold, Red Blue brown, yellow brown, red brown



AS A BONUS – With each purchase of bulk tumbled gemstones you will receive a FREE FACETED GEMSTONE. This gemstone truly makes your purchase a no risk proposition. The gemstone will more than pay for your purchase of this great material. This faceted gemstone is suitable to be used in a ring, pendant, etc.


AS AN ADDED BONUSEach purchase of this item will include FREE information Sheet on the Gems.


Size of Rocks :

About 3/8 to 3/4 inch

Uses :

Perfect for Rock Tumbler / Polisher, Cabbing, Crafts, Jewelry, Treasure Hunts

Shipping :

Just pay one flat fee for shipping the first item you purchase, All additional items ordered at the same time, ship for FREE.



Value Package

Polished + faceted gems + Agate Slabs

Buy Worldwide Mix Polished Gemstones - 1/2 Lb -Over 75 Gems in each Lot and get 10 Carats of Faceted Gemstones (All Natural), Small Tumbled Polished Agate Slabs - 1/2 LB at an additional 20% off our everyday low price.

Total Price: $39.97
Price for the Bundle: $38.17

This Item: Worldwide Mix Polished Gemstones - 1/2 Lb -Over 75 Gems in each Lot
10 Carats of Faceted Gemstones (All Natural)
Small Tumbled Polished Agate Slabs - 1/2 LB



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