Tumbled Polished Fluorite - 1/2 LB

Polished Fluorite
Polished Fluorite
Polished Fluorite
Polished Fluorite
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Tumbled and Polished Flourite:  Nice unique color.  Pieces are about 1/2 to 1 1/2 inch in size.

Rock/Mineral Info: Fluorite is a highly sought after mineral, and occurs in all colors of the spectrum. It is one of the most varied colored minerals, and the colors can be very intense and vivid. Pure Fluorite is colorless; the color variations are caused by the presence of various other minerals. 

Metaphysical Properties:   Fluorite is thought to cleanse and stabilise the aura.  It can absorb and neutralise negative energy and help to eliminate stress.  Fluorite can increase your power of concentration.  It can encourage positivity, balance the energy, and improve physical and metal  coordination.



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