Tumble Mix Rough - Moonstone Mix - 1 Lb

Multicolor Moonstone
Mixed Moonstone
Mixed Moonstone
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Mix of multicolor, blue and pink, white rainbow, and peach moonstone

Rock/Mineral Info - Moonstone exhibits flashy colors throughout.

Metaphysical Properties - Moonstone brings balance and hope while creating an atmosphere to nurture creativity and compassion. It can help the wearer to see things that are not at first clear.


Value Package

Peach Moonstone + tumbler grit and polish + Premium Tumble Mix

Buy Tumble Mix Rough - Moonstone Mix - 1 Lb and get Grit and Polish Kit for Rock Tumbler - Good for 4 Lbs of Rocks, Premium Tumble Mix - 1 Lb at an additional 20% off our everyday low price.

Total Price: $33.97
Price for the Bundle: $32.17



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