Tumble Mix Rough - Mookaite - 1 LB

Mookaite Jasper
Mookaite Jasper
Mookaite Jasper
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Australian Mookaite

Approx Size: 1/2 to 2 inch size.

Rock/Mineral Info: Mined in western Australia.  a hard stone that takes a polish very well.  Colors include red, purple, yellow, gold, white, pink and black.  A Jasper made up of the skeletal remains of radiolaria, a microscopic protozoa with a hard silica shell. 

Metaphysical Properties: A nurturing stone that supports and sustains during times of stress,  brings peace and a feeling of wholeness. Also helps us with decision making, and encourages versatility; helps us to accept change.

Very high quality rough material (1 LB). Great color rocks that will polish well. Perfect size for a rock tumbler. You will have great results with our tumble mixes, only the best quality is selected for each order.


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