Tumble Mix Rough - Jasper, Dragon's Blood - 1 Lb

Dragon Bloodstone
Dragon Bloodstone
Dragon Bloodstone
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Approx Size: 1-4 inch size. 

Rock/Mineral Info: Bloodstone is a silicon dioxide. It is a variety of jasper or chalcedony with Hematite inclusions. Dragon Bloodstone is a variety of jasper that has a solid opaque green color with red flecks and veins along the surface. It gets its name from the legend that it is the remains of deceased dragons.

Metaphysical Properties: Bloodstone is a talisman for good health and a long life. It is said to bring riches, good fortune, and fame. This stone is a "stone of courage" and is thought to increase courage and vitality. It is also thought to be a healing stone with its promotion of balance and stability.

Very high quality rough material. Great color rocks that will polish well. Perfect size for a rock tumbler. You will have great results with our tumble mixes, only the best quality is selected for each order.



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