Tumble Mix Rough - Black, Kyanite

Black Kyanite Fans
Black Kyanite Fans
Black Kyanite Fans
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Approx Size: 1/2 to 2 inch size.

Rock/Mineral Info: Black Kyanite is an aluminum-rich silicate mineral that forms in pegmatites at extremely high pressure. It crystallizes in the form of “fan-like” blades that can reach nearly half a foot in length.

Metaphysical Properties: It can be used for healing, grounding, protection, energizing, meditation, manifestation and aligns and repairs.  The high vibrations and its ability to not storing negative energies make it one of a kind. It can be used to clear all blockages of energy and imbalances within the chakras by aligning, grounds and centers the chakras.

Very high quality rough material. Great color rocks that will polish well. Perfect size for a rock tumbler. You will have great results with our tumble mixes, only the best quality is selected for each order.




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