Craft Rock Mix in White Box - 1 1/2 Lb

Craft Rock Mix in White Box
Craft Rock Mix in White Box
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Type : 1 & 1/2 LB of rough gems for sale in a sturdy, white, cardboard box with a lid that closes.
Approx Size: About 1/2 inch size + or -
Typical Use: Rock polishers / tumblers, craft projects, treasure hunts, collections.

Very high quality rough material (1 & 1/2 LB). Great color rocks for crafts that will polish well. Perfect size for any craft project. You will have great results with our rocks in a box, only the best quality is selected for each order. 

Actual minerals and gemstones in your collector's box will vary from stock photos.  Photos are to show the quality of the specimens, not the exact ones you will receive.




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