Crafter Polished Collection Box

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Crafters Polished Collection in a Sturdy Collectors box with a lid.  12 Premium Polished Lots are included in this Polished Collection Box.

WHAT A GREAT GIFT this would be for anyone who likes Rocks!!!!

The Rocks and Mineral Collection comes in a Sturdy Plastic collectors box and contains the following specimens.



Crafters Polished Collection Box


Multi-Color Moostone


Petrified Wood


Fancy Jasper



Moss Agate


X-Small Polished Mix

Small Polished Mix





Very high quality Polished Lots.  Actual rocks and gems in your collector's box will vary from stock photos.  Photos are to show the quality of the rocks and minerals, not the exact ones you will receive. Occasionally rocks in the collection may change slightly from those listed.  Only Quality rocks and gems used in each collection.

Value Package


Buy Crafter Polished Collection Box and get Metal Bucket Full of Rocks and Gemstones at an additional 10% off our everyday low price.

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Price for the Bundle: $42.65

This Item: Crafter Polished Collection Box
Metal Bucket Full of Rocks and Gemstones



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