Polished Quartz, Crackled - 1/2 LB

SKU: pgquartzcrack

Type : Highly polished dyed crystal quartz gems.
Approx Size: 1 to 2 inch size

Quartz is a very common mineral.  It has a hardeness of 7 and has been used as a lapidary gem for centuries.  A difference in temperature in natural quartz makes it crack artifically.

Crackled Quartz is used to avoid evil energy, adjust energy, and promote clearer throughts.

Value Package

+ agate slab + rose quartz rough gems

Buy Polished Quartz, Crackled - 1/2 LB and get Agate Slabs - Medium - SOLD BY THE PIECE, Tumble Mix Rough - Quartz, Rose - 1 LB at an additional 20% off our everyday low price.

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