Polished - Jasper, Kambaba - 1/2 Lb

Kambaba Jasper
Kambaba Jasper
Kambaba Jasper
Kambaba Jasper
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Kambaba Jasper 

Approx Size: Nice unique color.  Pieces are about 1/2 to 1 1/2 inch in size.

Rock/Mineral Info:  Composed of fossilized colonies formed by blue-green algae and primeval microorganisms.

Metaphysical Properties:  It brings calming and nurturing energy, it helps us stay grounded and stable. Kambaba jasper is great for agriculture and soil. It provides beneficial energy for the Earth and plants. It is said to a beneficial addition when doing EFT tapping. It is said to help protect against the effects of electrosmog pollution (man-made EMFs). Kambaba jasper is said to help with digestion and toxin elimination. It promotes healthy growth when needed.

Kambaba Jasper is also often called Kambaba stone, Crocodile Jasper or Green Stromatolite Jasper. It's a stone composed primarily of quartz and feldspar with fossilized algae. It's a very interesting stone with primarily green swirly material along with black orbes that often have additional green in their center. It's a stone of nature, Earth energy and calm.



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