Polished - Jasper, Desert - 1/2 Lb Lot

Desert Jasper
Desert Jasper
Desert Jasper
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Tumbled Polished Desert Jasper

Approx Size - About 30 to 45 mm or about 1 to 1 3/8 inch, Plus or Minus. 

Uses - Craft/Jewelry projects, wire wrap jewelry, collections.

MetaphysicalPolychrome Jasper is also highly protective, capable of deflecting negative energies and clearing blocked energy channels.  This jasper also specializes in grounding, providing balance and stability.

Polychrome Jasper (sometimes called Desert Jasper) is a rare stone commonly associated with passion, fire, and movement. It works with you to ensure your physical vitality is always at its peak. Meditating with this jasper helps channel your intentions into reality by stimulating your creativity and imagination.



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