Polished Jasper, Black Spotted - 1/2 LB

black spotted jasper
tumbled black spotted jasper
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SKU: pgjasperblackspotted

Type : Highly Polished and tumbled.
Approx Size: 1/2 to 1 inch size
Approx Count per LB: About 40 - 60 pieces per Pound

Sold in 1/2 Pound Lots (Over 1100 Carats).

All are highly polished natural gemstones.

Often used for Jewelry Making, Craft Projects, Gemstone Collecting and Children's Parties.

Value Package

black jasper + cabochon lot + agate slab

Buy Polished Jasper, Black Spotted - 1/2 LB and get 200 Carats of Cabochon Gemstones, Agate Slabs - Medium Gorgeous! - SOLD BY THE PIECE at an additional 20% off our everyday low price.

Total Price: $144.97
Price for the Bundle: $143.57



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