Tumble Mix Rough - Opal, Yucatan - 1 LB

Yucatan Opal
Yucatan Opal Rough
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Opal Yucatan;

Related to the more common crystalline cousins such as quartz and agate. It is formed from amorphous lumps of silica.


Metaphsyical Properties;

An emotional stone- reflects the mood of the wearer, intensifies emotions, releases inhibitions, encourages both freedom and independence. 



Yucatan Opal – 1 Lb (one pound) lot of rough opals. About 3-6 pieces per pound.


Already the perfect size for tumbling, making cabochons, or jewelry.


All rough rock for sale free of all dirt.....Why pay for dirt or sand when you can have all rocks?


All of our tumble mixes are of Superior Quality. We take great pride in supplying you with nothing but the best lapidary material.



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