Mini Tumbled Polished - Orange Garnet - 1/4 Lb Lot

orange garnet
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Mini Orange Garnet.  Tiny Tumbled Polished Orange Garnet pieces.

Approx Size - About 1/8 to 1/4 inch, Plus or Minus.  See Photo.

Rock/Mineral Info - Garnets are considered some of the most durable minerals on the Earth.  They are easily mined from soil and sediment where weathered rocks that contained Garnet once existed.  Orange Garnet can be found specifically in a crystal form in granite.  

Metaphysical Info - Orange Garnet helps to promote manifestation and creativity in ones life.  It is also known as a healing stone and can bring one peace and good health.  It's overall energy has the power to bring about natural energy to heal the body.

Uses - Mosaics, Inlays, Craft/Jewelry Projects, Gem Trees



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