Specimen Rough - Azurite and Malachite

Azurite and Malachite
Azurite and Malachite
Azurite and Malachite
Azurite and Malachite
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Approx Size - 1/2 to 4 inch size may vary. Pieces may include malachite (green) and Azurite (blue) on the host rock of Quartz.

Rock/Mineral Info - Azurite is often found in nature mixed with Malachite, another copper carbonate mineral, this one with a bright green color. Azurite is a soft stone, named for its deep “azure blue” color. It is a copper carbonate mineral found in the upper oxidized portions of copper ore formed in masses, nodules, tabular or prismatic crystals, sometimes with a vitreous luster. The saturated color ranges from bright to deep blue into shades of indigo, and may contain streaks of light blue. It has been ground into pigment for paint and used as a dye for fabric for thousands of years. Malachite is a green copper carbonate hydroxide mineral.

Metaphysical - Azurite is perfect for clearing away tension and confusion. It can also help with stress by nourishing the mind and creating new interests. A stone of balance, abundance, manifestation and intention. 



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