Medium Size Rough - Crystal Quartz - 1 Lb

Crystal Quartz
Crystal Quartz
Crystal Quartz
Crystal Quartz
Crystal Quartz
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Medium Sized Crystal Quartz Rough - About 1 to 4 inch size pieces. This raw quartz is a bit larger than our standard stones for tumbling but can still be used in a tumbler. It’s also good for cabbing.

Rock/Mineral Info - Quartz is a semi-precious gemstone with a hardness of 7 on the mohs scale. Quartz is an abundant mineral with many different varieties. crystal quartz has an ice like appearance and is transperent in color.

Metaphysical Properties - Quartz is a healing crystal that is believed to help increase memory, concentration, and bring your life into a better balance. Quartz improves mental and physical energy and stimulates spiritual growth. Quartz enhances psychic abilities and stimulates the immune system.




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