Grit and Polish Kit for Rock Tumbler - Good for 4 Lbs of Rocks

grit and polish
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SKU: GritPolKit4


Silicon Carbide Grit and White Aluminum Oxide Polish.  The rock polishing kit is in a sturdy white box.  The kit includes rock polishing grit, a FREE bag of reusable plastic pellets, and complete tumbling instructions.

The Kit includes the following items.

  • Silicon Carbide Grit 60/90
  • Silicon Carbide Grit 120/220
  • Silicon Carbide Grit 600
  • Aluminum Oxide Polish
  • Reusable Plastic Pellets
  • Instruction Page
  • White Box

The plastic pellets float and are therefore easy to separate from the rocks after the polishing stage and are reusable. 

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