Mini Tumbled Polished - White Rainbow Moonstone

White Rainbow Moonstone Chips
White Rainbow Moonstone Chips
White Rainbow Moonstone Chips
White Rainbow Moonstone Chips
White Rainbow Moonstone Chips
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Mini White Rainbow Moonstone.  Tiny Tumbled Polished White Rainbow Moonstone pieces.

Approx Size - About 1/8 to 1/4 inch, Plus or Minus.  See Photo.

Rock/Mineral Info - White Rainbow Moonstone is also known as White Labrodorite. White Rainbow Moonstone has color flash and rainbows throughout when light is directed to this stone.  As light diffraction within layers of feldspar occurs, many colors may be seen flashing. White Rainbow Moonstone is found in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia, and India. 

Metaphysical InfoWhite Rainbow Moonstone is used to open the Crown Chakra by bring in white healing energies that are very soothing and reach our core. White Rainbow Moonstone may also be used as a Third Eye and Solar Plexus Stone as it offers insights and reaches parts of our true self. White Rainbow Moonstone balances aura energy as though it were a prism of white light traveling throughout your body to core and surrounding energy field. White Rainbow Moonstone promotes happiness, good fortune, nurturing, mothering, unselfishness, good will, peace, love, hope, insight, ease of childbirth, safe travel, new beginnings, abundance, and ancient wisdom. White Rainbow Moonstone also enhances intuition and assists in balancing hormonal changes.

Uses - Meditation, Detox Aid, Ornate Head Bands, Mosaics, Inlays, Craft/Jewelry Projects, Gemstone Panning Activity.



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