Garnet Red Simulated Diamond (Individual Stone)

garnet diamond
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SKU: sdgarnet


Color: Purple 

Cut / Shape: You choose the shape below.
Carat Weight: You choose below.

Clarity: IF (Internally Flawless)
Hardness: 9
Luster/Sparkle: Very High

Size: You choose below. (Any size is the same low price)

Natural/Manmade: Simulated

This is your opportunity to received a genuine Simulated Diamond at a fraction of the cost of a natural diamond.  No one can tell the difference between this simulated diamond and a natural diamond without extensive testing.  It can be used in all the same jewelry applications as a natural diamond.  With a hardness of 9, it is only slightly less than a natural diamond of 10.  You can't go wrong with this purchase.



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