Polished Aventurine, Green Quartz - 1/2 LB

green aventurine
green quartz aventurine
green aventurine
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Green Aventurine;

 A gemstone variety of quartz typically composed of muscovite mica, which usually results in medium to dark green aventurine stones with a silvery green or blue sheen.


Metaphysical Properties; 

 An all-around healing stone. Releases negativity and energy blockages, increases intelligence, perception and creativity.

Type : Polished and tumbled.
Approx Size: 3/8 to 1 inch size


Green Aventurine Quartz is a quartz that owes its light green color to the presence of Chrome.  With a hardness of 7, it is used in many jewelry applications.  Pieces also typically contain Mica which adds a unique sparkle to the stone.  



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