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The Sales Below Are Good Now thru Wednesday 11/22/2017

FREE   1/2 Lb of Chrysoprase Rough  with EVERY order.  Free item will not show on your invoice but will be put in your box.

BOGO - Buy One Get One FREE

Buy One Get One of the same item for FREE.  Buy 2 get 2 Free, Buy 10 get 10 Free, etc....Simply purchase any item(s) with BOGO in the title and you will receive a second Lb of that item for Free,  Note:  The free item will not show up on your invoice, but will be included in your box.

1 Lb Apple Green Calcite - BOGO

1 Lb Gold Topaz - BOGO

5 Lb Peach Aventurine - BOGO


1 Lb Small Green Flourite - Now only $4.99

1 Lb Pyrite - Now only $5.99

1 Lb Silicon Carbide Grit 60/90 - Now only $4.49

1 Lb Large Amethyst Rough - Now only $6.59

1 Lb Honey Citrine Calcite - Limited Amount in Stock - Now only $6.49

Polished Stones Super Sale

1 1/2 Lb Large Tumbled Polished Mix in White Box - Now only $9.95

1/2 Lb Tumbled Polished Brazil Mix - New Item - Now only $4.99

1 Lb Tumbled Polished Size #2 - XSmall - Now only $6.99

1 Lb Tumbled Polished Agate Pieces - Back in Stock - Now only $6.99

Special Gift Sales (Great for Christmas)

Special Sale Items - Rock and Mineral Collection Boxes, Agate and Jasper Collection Boxes, Christmas Stockings filled with Tumbling Rocks and Grit Kit, and Our Famous Christmas Tins with Rocks!!!

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Our inventory of ROUGH ROCKS FOR TUMBLERS is the LARGEST and most diverse in the UNITED STATES. We always have TONS of Rough in our Inventory.

Gems by Mail's rocks and gems have been featured in MARTHA STEWART WEDDINGS Magazine, as well as, the USA NETWORK hit TV show, WHITE COLLAR.

We have many repeat customer over many years in Business.  Our inventory is constantly changing, as we try to bring you the VERY BEST rocks and gems at the Lowest possible prices.


Please give us a will not be Disappointed.


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Tumble Mix Rough - Calcite, Apple Green - 1 LB - BOGO

Perfect for a rock poilsher / tumbler

Tumble Mix Rough - Opal, Girasol - 1 LB

Perfect for a rock polisher / tumbler

Tumble Mix Rough - Carnelian, Red - 1 LB

Perfect for a rock poilsher / tumbler

As low as $5.99
Tumble Mix Rough - Melarite - 1 LB - BOGO

Perfect for a rock poilsher / tumbler

As low as $5.49
green jasper rough
Tumble Mix Rough - Jasper, Evergreen - 1 LB

Perfect for a rock poilsher / tumbler

As low as $5.99
rough rocks
Premium Tumble Mix - 1 LB - BOGO

Very Colorful, You have found the BEST MIX !!!!

Was: $8.99
Now: $6.79



Deal of the Day

sodalite rough
As low as $6.95

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